About | Oceano Bistro
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Oceano Bistro’s History

Our Restaurant

We are St. Louis’ premiere fresh fish bistro. Our chefs, in partnership with fisherman, farmers and food artisans have searched the worlds’ seas to bring to the St. Louis area what is enjoyed by those who live on the coasts. We then pair it with innovative and enticing fresh local produce and flavor combinations certain to dazzle every discerning palate, at prices that are a great value for a great catch.

Fresh Fish
Fresh Fish

Our Cuisine

Oceano Bistro features the finest and most fresh fish and seafood available in the St. Louis area. We prepare our delicious cuisine using only the freshest local produce and products with our uniquely innovative flavors. Oceano Bistro is the ultimate destination for fish and seafood lovers.
Join us as we playfully explore the worlds’ cuisines and engage others cultures’ flavors in unimagined ways that are rarely seen in the Midwest. We do not aim to combine two cuisines and create one of our own like often seen in “Fusion Cuisine”. Instead we use classical recipes and techniques to create new flavors and presentations that create a warm welcome. Come in and taste the best that the sea has to offer, prepared in ways never before experienced by those in St. Louis.